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  • a community-oriented organization providing full-scope money management services to California Regional center clients.

Our Services

By providing Representative Payee services, we help create financially stable living environments for some of California’s most vulnerable populations. Our goal is to strengthen our communities by ensuring that those with developmental disabilities consistently meet their basic needs, have access to services they’re entitled to, and see an improvement in their overall standard of living.

At New Leaf, we constantly strive to find ways to maximize our clients’ benefits, avoid overpayments, and strengthen their ability to live integrated lives within their communities.

Case Management

  • Rent paid on time each month
  • Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly Payments
  • Direct Deposit Options
  • Handle your Social Security and Medi-cal paperwork for ease of mind
  • Help you save money for personal goals, trips, entertainment, etc.

With help from a consumer’s support team, New Leaf will develop a detailed budget to organize a client’s monthly expenses.  These expenses can include rent, grocery funds, utility bills, funds for personal expenses, medical expenses, and other recurring monthly expenses.

  • Personal Spending: Funds for grocery and personal spending can be paid directly to the consumer through direct deposit or mailed checks.   Payments can be issued once a week, twice a month, or monthly depending on the budget plan made with the consumer.
  • Bill Paying: New Leaf will pay rent and bills directly to landlords and agencies whenever possible.  Bills can be sent to New Leaf after arriving at the consumer’s home, or New Leaf can arrange to have the mailing address on the bill changed so it comes directly to New Leaf.
  • Conserved Funds:  New Leaf will conserve any funds left over at the end of each month in the consumer’s trust account.  New Leaf can conserve the balance of funds conserved by the client’s previous payee. Conserved funds are monitored with total resources not to exceed resource maximums for SSI and Medi-Cal beneficiaries.
  • Non-recurring Disbursements from Conserved Funds:  When a consumer has a special request for funds for items outside his/her normal monthly expenses, such money for clothing, furniture, entertainment, or other personal comfort items, New Leaf will take the request from the client, the supportive service provider, or Regional Center case manager.  New Leaf will coordinate with the Regional Center case manager and other service providers to determine the appropriateness of the funding request.  Once approved, New Leaf will issue the payment and follow-up for receipts within 14 days from which the funds are received by the consumer.
  • Disbursement Schedule: New Leaf issues routine check and direct deposit payments every Tuesday and Thursday, respectively.   Additional disbursements are also scheduled for each date SSI and Title II deposits are received in the client trust account (usually on the 1st and 3rd of each month).  If funds are present, New Leaf can issue rents on the 28th of each month for advance payment, or rent checks are sent on the date funds become available.

New Leaf Solutions


About Us

What we do

New Leaf provides Money Management, Reporting, and Technical services exclusively for Regional Center consumers who receive Social Security and Medi-Cal benefits. Our services include: representative payee and money management services for clients in independent settings or out-of-home-placements; assistance for difficult and complex issues with the Social Security Administration; and on-going benefit eligibility review for SSI and Medi-Cal benefits.

Either directly or through supportive services workers, we engage with a diverse population sample of clients whom live independently or are in out-of-home placements.  These clients live with developmental disabilities like cerebral palsy, autism, hearing loss, intellectual challenges and other disabilities.  Our duty is to monitor their funds and expenses to improve their quality of life and ensure their continuity of access to public benefits.  For each regional center we serve, we look to establish a local service office, and a relationship with the local Social Security Administration branch and county health eligibility workers.

New Leaf executes these services through advanced systems that were custom developed around Regional Center consumers who need a representative payee.  Our systems provide us with the capacity to handle thousands of clients in need of a representative payee per Regional Center. In addition, our team members rely on over 20 years of continual experience assisting in Regional Center accounting systems and delivering services to Regional Center consumers

Our Philosophy

At New Leaf Supportive Services, we agree with the Social Security Administration that a family member or close friend is usually the best person to provide financial management for a beneficiary who is incapable of managing their benefit payments. Unfortunately, there are far too many individuals in the developmentally disabled population without a reliable loved-one who can help them with their finances. We also understand that the rising demand for representative payee assistance is becoming an increasing burden on Regional Center caseworkers, accounting staff, and other team members.

Our philosophy is to responsibly apply every resource at our disposal to improve the financial situations of our clients, while alleviating Regional Center staff members of the time-consuming duties of representative payee responsibilities.

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Regional Center Contacts

Far Northern Regional Center

New Leaf Solutions
1095 Hilltop Drive #206
Redding Ca 96003-3811

Email: connect@newleafsolutions.com

Phone: (530) 322-0077

Golden Gate Regional Center

New Leaf Solutions
601 Van Ness Ave Ste E-513
San Francisco CA 94102-6313

Email: connect@newleafsolutions.com

Phone: (415) 322-3835

Inland Regional Center

New Leaf Solutions
967 Kendall Dr. STE A-326
San Bernardino CA 92407-4166

Email: connect@newleafsolutions.com

Phone: (909) 522-4880

Kern Regional Center

New Leaf Solutions
8200 Stockdale Hwy, STE M-10 #293
Bakersfield CA 93311-1029

Email: connect@newleafsolutions.com

Phone: (661) 878-9805

North Bay Regional Center

New Leaf Solutions
952 School Street, STE 295
Napa CA 94559-2826

Email: connect@newleafsolutions.com

Phone: (707) 518-6151

Westside Regional Center

New Leaf Solutions
1500 Palma Dr. 2nd Floor
Ventura CA 93003-6451

Email: connect@newleafsolutions.com

Phone: (310) 742-6865

San Diego Regional Center

New Leaf Solutions
5663 Balboa Ave. #510
San Diego, CA 92111

Email: connect@newleafsolutions.com

Phone: (858) 345-6099

General Information

Business Hours

  • Monday - Friday - 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday & Sunday - Closed